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Discover why people take part in fundraising events in our webinar

Watch our webinar to discover the results of our study of 200,000 JustGiving pages. 

Find out the key reasons why people raise money through sponsored events.

About Us

We're Insight-ful and we're here to help you answer questions about your customers, supporters and audience.

If you knew who your customers and audience really were, how would that change your marketing? We can help you really understand your customer.

We are a bunch of creative data geeks, market researchers, copywriters, analysts, marketing strategists and product development gurus.


If you're looking to develop a new product, analyse your data, or come up with a new marketing strategy, we're for you.


Check out our Freebies section for lots of interesting stuff about insight, data, market research and product development.

Data Planning & Analytics

Planning a marketing campaign and need to find key prospects for your campaign, or wishing to analyse the results of a campaign?

Focus Groups & Market Research

Find out what your customers are thinking and saying about you or seek insight to develop new products

Creative & Product Development

From copywriting, to campaign development. Find out how we can help create innovative ideas for your marketing

Strategic Consulting

Whether you're writing a fundraising or marketing strategy, running a workshop or you just need someone to bounce ideas off

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