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Crowdfunding for Santa

Santa is missing a trick. The man has a dedicated, elf workforce and a team of reindeer ready to deliver his message, but his fundraising is abysmal.

Children all around the world received his charitable gifts and now are adults, leading full and productive lives. It's about time he recognised the potential of his large donor base and reached out to them.

There is a lot he could learn from the charity sector. There is a wealth of information out there about building his list of donors, opportunities to connect directly to the children whose lives he enriched and understanding that his donor base is growing older. Imagine the possibilities for Santa if he built a workshop on London's Southbank and invited folks in to have a look at the good work he does? Or, a high street charity shop that specialised in second-hand toys originally built in his workshop by elves?

But then, of course - that would completely take the fun out of all of it.

An early Merry Christmas to you all! May your stockings be filled to the brim. Looking forward to more fun and games with you in the new year.

Jonathan Cook | | +44 (0)7921 250 211

Jonathan @Linkedin | Twitter @jonathan_m_cook

Photo credit: Frankzed

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